• Café Arabe

  • \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nUntil Café Arabe came on the scene, there were no real Western-style cafés in Marrkech's Medina; or at least nowhere that offered a decent lunch and a glass of rosé. Unlike the charming but limited Café des Epices, Café Arabe offers a full range of meals centred around a Moroccan-Italian menu that's all pastas, soups and salads, plus a good selection of drinks and wines. It's a very pleasant place to be after the heat of the souks, and is very well located near the Mouassine district. The entrance leads from a dusty street into a frondescent open-air courtyard with walls of Marjorelle blue and a close-knit community of tables. A salon at the back has more tables but it's the swanky roof terrace - opened in 2009 - that most people head for. The good food, drinks list and reasonable service makes Arabe a firm favourite with visitors and ex pats alike.

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