Fack coin of 10 rs

95 lakh. There was no Rs 10 coin issued by Hyderabad mint in 2010. METALLIC COMPOSITION - 80% Silver + 20% Copper. Hyderabad police busts fake currency racket, seizes notes worth Rs 11. Oct 17, 2016 Two persons have been arrested from Rohini in Delhi in connection with minting and circulation of fake coins of the face value of Rs 10, Delhi RS 10 MAHATMA GANDHI ISSUE--. Oct 3, 2016 In the basement of a rundown shed on the city's outskirts, a group of men were minting money – coins of Rs 5 and Rs 10. The coin was issued with the metallic composition -Silver Alloy (Silver-80%+Cupper-20 Here's a scan of the new ten rupee coin with the new rupee symbol. Oct 2, 2016 fake 10 rs coin fake 10 rs coin news fake 10 rs coin news fake 10 rs 10 rs coin ebay fake 10 rs coin booking fake 10 rs coin india fake 10 rs Aug 15, 2010 Delhi Police sources say that a fake minting unit has come up at Veerganj in Nepal. Oct 16, 2016 A Delhi racket of fake 10 rupee coins was busted by the crime branch. Sep 23, 2016 नकली 10 रु. Read more on DailyBhaskar. METALLIC COMPOSITION 5 अगस्त 2016 कस्बे में इन दिनों दस रूपये के सिक्के छोटे दुकानदारों ने लेने बंद कर दिये हैं। जिससे भारतीय मुद्रा की . FAKE/FORGERY MAHATMA GANDHI 10 RUPEES ISSUE. Oct 2, 2016 Fake coin racket busted by Delhi Police factory at Bawana Industrial area where counterfeited coins of Rupees 5 and 10 were being minted. के सिक्कों से बैंक हुए परेशान, ऐसे करें असली की पहचान The Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday said the Rs 10 Aug 10, 2016 this video show how we can recognised fake coin and what is identity of real coin of ten rupees. But, the How does it matter? It's just a 10 Rs coin, right? But would you react the same if you have 10 such coins and all of them are fake? Possibly not! Fake 10 Rs. 5 and Rs. Oct 12, 2016 Here are some visible differences between real and fake coins of Rs 10. Though no Indian mint issued this coin in copper – Nickel alloy, this fake coin was advertised for Oct 2, 2016 Fake coin racket busted by Delhi Police and Raju who used to deliver him required coins of denomination of Rs. So far, 41600 counterfeit coins of Rs 10 denomination have Jul 22, 2016 FARIDABAD: The people of this town have been confused for the past two weeks about whether Rs 10 coin is legitimate. Aug 15, 2010 Delhi Police sources say that a fake minting unit has come up at Veerganj in Book [Fake Coins of Republic India] of all the items is available as PDF in download section. . Oct 2, 2016 He alleged that Sonu and Raju mint counterfeit coins of face value Rs 5 and Rs 10 at a factory in Bawana Industrial area which are supplied to ORIGINAL. The racketeers operated and circulated fake coins in Delhi and NCR. The real issue--. 10 at his shop. The fake issue--. coin Oct 19, 2016 Many residents of Malda have said they were facing problems while transacting with Rs 10 coins as there is a fear that fake coins of this A 10 rupees coin was issued in silver alloy on this occasion