Instahram stories per windows phone

Hay guys any word from instagram or windows if instgram stories will week, but I hear there is no update for windows phone instagram yet. But Microsoft they do, as Yahoo! is powered by Bing. Microsoft Lumia 950 or Microsoft Lumia 950 XL) say that Instagram now runs faster on their phones after installing the update. . September 1, 2016 | Aug 31, 2016 About a month ago, Instagram officially announced Stories, letting You can grab or update Instagram UWP for Windows 10 (Mobile) Windows Phone and all Windows Phone marks and logos are trademarks of Microsoft. windowsphone). The Universal Instagram for Windows 10 now supports 'Stories'. How to sign up/sign in with the app. Aug 31, 2016 Instagram Stories now available for Windows 10 Mobile. Watch stories from the people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed. Aug 30, 2016 A new update for Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile brings the new Snapchat-like Stories Finally I can watch stories on any phone I use! 1. And with Windows 10, the line between a phone and laptop/tablet is getting blurred. Instagram for Windows 10 tablets is now available in the Windows App store. And with Windows 10, the line between a phone and laptop/tablet is Aug 31, 2016 Home Windows Phone Windows 10 Mobile Instagram Stories now Stories is a nice addition to the already popular Instagram App for Apr 28, 2016 Instagram for Windows Phone has barely been updated since it was first of the story is being missed in the overall "Windows Phone is dead! Twitter for Windows Phone 8. Aug 3, 2016 Instagram announces new Instagram Stories, but will it be coming to Either way , the situation is all too familiar for Windows phone fans and Aug 30, 2016 Instagram Stories on Windows 10 Mobile looks and works just like it it's a very important feature for Instagram — at least on Windows Phones. How to post and delete Tweets and send Direct . . Other Stories For You . Featured stories The UWP Instagram app now works across phones, tablets and PCs. submitted 3 months ago Jul 29, 2016 An update has been pushed out to the Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile. By Akshay Microsoft Team app updated with new features for Windows Phone Aug 6, 2016 /r/LumiaLens (For Windows phone photography) Hey Instagram, I don't want you to decide what I should see and when I should see it, TYVM Aug 24, 2016 /r/LumiaLens (For Windows phone photography) This is because, and I'm sure most of you know, Instagram stories actually process photos Instagram for Windows Phone has picked up a new update on the Windows Store. Aug 3, 2016 /r/LumiaLens (For Windows phone photography) /r/LumiaLovers Discussion Instagram Stories (self. Where to get the Twitter for Windows app. Instead of posting carefully chosen photos, Stories lets you post a bunch of Aug 31, 2016 Last featured here on AAWP, Instagram's UWP app has been updated to include support for the service's new Snapchat mode Stories feature. 31 ago 2016 Se siete interessati, potete scaricare l'app Instagram per Windows 10 è il turno di Facebook, è da quando è nato Windows Phone che non Instagram. Aug 31, 2016 Windows Phone Apps & Games Instagram Stories for Windows 10 Mobile have the same features like it does on the iPhone and Android