What is new in 2000 note

500 and Rs. This series of bank notes will be called 4 days ago Those unable to deposit Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes till December 30 this He also announced that new notes of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 will be 3 days ago India has abolished its big currency notes to make way for new and visually more appealing currency notes. 3 days ago The RBI in a press conference on Tuesday unveiled the design for the new Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. It was revealed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 8 November 2016 and was in circulation from 10 November 2016. 4 days ago The Reserve Bank of India is releasing a new currency note of Rs 2000 denomination soon. 1 day ago The common man is likely to continue facing a problem in shopping (in terms of getting change) till many more the new rupee 500 notes come 5 days ago New 2000 rupees note india Images Twitter is abuzz with images of several bundles of pink-and-white notes posing as the new Rs 2000 3 days ago The new "high-security" currency - Rs. The nano GPS is not the end of coolest features the Rs 2000 note 4 days ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a sudden address to the nation, announced that Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes are being withdrawn from 3 days ago India is to get new 500 and 2000 rupee notes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise announcement that the current largest The Indian 2000-rupee banknote (₹2000) is a denomination of Indian currency. This is what they look like now. 2000 (colour: magenta) * Is a part of 2 days ago Rs 500 Rs 1000, New Rs 2000 notes, Rs 2000 notes, Rs 2000 People have begun to flaunt their new s 2,000 notes on the social media 6 days ago Twitter is abuzz with images of several bundles of pink-and-white notes posing as the new Rs 2,000 denomination that the Reserve Bank of 21 hours ago RBI's new Rs 2000 note does not have a Nano-GPS chip as is being claimed on social media, WhatsApp. . 2000 notes - will be available in ATMs on Friday, said Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa. 2000 and Rs. 4 days ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced that Rs 2,000 and new notes of Rs 500 will be circulated soon. 500 notes from the RBI's stable. Rs. 3 days ago There's been talk that RBI's new 2000 rupees note has a GPS tracking feature thanks to a NGC chip. 2 days ago These notes will enter circulation from the 10th of November. (Photo: ANI/Twitter). 2 days ago A look at the security features of the newly-launched Rs. 3 days ago The new ₹2000 notes would be available from 10 November. 1 day ago Now, you people already know a lot about the new Rs 2000 currency note. It is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series of banknotes with a completely new design