• La Maison du Kaftan Marocain

  • As the name suggests, La Maison du Kaftan Marocain covers all your kaftan related shopping needs in Marrakech. In fact, if you can't find the kaftan you're looking for at La Maison du Kaftan Marocain, then it probably exists only in your own mind, or in fashion haunts such as Kulchi or Jnane Tamsna. The shop front leads into a vast room around which are hung kaftans of all colours and sizes: antique kaftans, Berber kaftans - even magic kaftans! There are also other traditional accessories such as baboush, chemises and pantaloons, for men and women. A second room features clothing for lower prices; it's worth exploring for the occasional gem.
    • 65 rue Sidi El Yamani, Mouassine
    • +212 5 24 44 10 51
    • 9.30am-7pm daily

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